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Businesses across the globe, including e-commerce businesses, are earning their bread and butter through their websites. Websites are new company visitor cards. People decide to do business with some other company through their website. A minute of downtime could result in a loss of millions of dollars in revenue. Maintaining one’s website is of utmost importance not just for performance enhancement but also due to omnipresent cyber-crooks looking to find a loophole to get into the server.

Website Security Audit

It is completely important to go to site's security check before making it live. This is where our website security audit allows new users to make risk assessment of possible vulnerabilities in order to keep the website secure while they live.

Server maintenance

We have access to large number of servers and the ability to manage your data on servers that take care of the technicalities involved. If you already have one, we will provide full support and track it to keep everything secure.

Website Coding Assessment

Nowadays, malicious attacks are widespread, and no enterprise is protected from such intrusions. When the coding of website is finished, we do detailed assessment so that the final product is free from potential bugs or errors.

System Administration

Whether it's network administrator or database administrator, we have all the services in our sleeves to handle network connections, custom device specifications, CRM applications, SharePoint, active directory, root directory, admin panel, and more.

CMS Website Up gradation

Software updates and enhancements to every CMS website are not only easy to instal but also easy to download. Our website upgrade services include full on-site support for software
updates,project management, consulting, etc.

Performance Audit

There is a persistent need to monitor the website in order to live up to the needs of customers that come instead of the much-needed goods or services and want it to be polite and fulfilling. We therefore keep track of site success at all times to make it much quicker.

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