Kasturi krishi farm 


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KASTURI KRISHI FARM is one of our most delighted clients. They are an organic food producer who put their faith in us and we did not let them down with our exceptional marketing plan.


Here is how ?


# What was their goal?


  • Our customer had 100 acres of property and was establishing various types of farming as well as linking farmers with them in order to boost their output.


  • They were performing exceptionally well in the B2B sector. And now they wanted to build their own brand and serve Direct Consumers (D2C)


  • They desired to shift their business from B2B to B2C platforms.


  • They desired  a user-friendly website that also emitted the atmosphere of their company so that their clients could communicate with them effectively.


# Our challenges

  • We had to create a user-friendly website that was also appropriate with their B2B and B2C commercial purposes.


  • They intended to create a link between themselves and their customers. As a result, we needed to prepare their marketing material properly.


# How did we use our marketing approach to assist them reach their goal?


  • Thanks to our creative strategist, who created a funnel to achieve their current business goal, we were able to create a user-friendly and attractive website with a natural and vibrant vibe at the first stage of the funnel. Additionally, with the assistance of our designing development team’s professional photographer, we were able to capture some real-time freshness of our clients’ products and use it on the client’s website, which helped their business to level up.


  • In order to assist them with B2C (Business-to-Customer) marketing, our next problem was to raise awareness of them. To do this, we had to establish a relationship of trust between our client and the consumer, therefore we entrusted this task to our social media managers.


And they didn’t disappoint with their imaginative social media posters and templates, which boosted our client’s business significantly.


This is not the last but not least, as we have some other incredible techniques under our sleeves to help you.


We assume you understand and are happy with our work, so why don’t you join us and see for yourself since we can’t wait to make your company’s name a brand.


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